Wednesday, October 14

Go to hell you unknown, scary, psycho killer-like creature !!!

I HATE hospital.

I HATE eye examinations.

I HATE having to schedule for ANOTHER f**king appointment.

I HATE dentist.

I HATE whatever creature that is above my neighbour's ceiling for scratching on the wall and scared me to DEATH in the middle of the night thinking that there's some burglar or PSYCHO KILLERS in my house and I had to f**king scared myself to sleep.


*I want to sleep peacefully tonight.
Whatever that you are, 
stop scratching on the wall please,
coz i almost had a heart attack 
thinking that a psycho killer has entered my house
and murdered my parents
and coming to kill me as well.
I spent the night hiding under my blanket,
with my heart racing as fast as a formula 1 race car,
and seriously didnt get the sleep that i needed,
praying that the sound was just my hallucination.
When i dont get the sleep that i need,
i get real cranky.


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