Tuesday, September 23

Days before the Pesta Tanglung UKM Karnival Kebudayaan 国大中秋园游会前......

UKM's Pesta Tanglung is one of the most happening event of the year.
As a part of the UKM family, of course I signed up to join the activity.


Why the hell am I being so formal???
Like writing essay zzzzz...

K la k la..
Dun play play dy...

Fyi, PT UKM is listed as one of the most important event of the year by the IPT (according to my daddy, its truth-ness i dunno la....)
Anyway, I am now in the PnS - Pakaian dan Solekan group.

Before the 园游会, we have to prepare one set of clothes for the performers.
There were around 15 of them.
and you know what,

we have to SEW every single piece of the clothes.
Means we practically start from scratch to put the pieces together !!!

and we had to finish all 15 in one week's time !!!!!!!!

Omfg...and there werent alot of ppl to stay to help.
We sew and sew and sew until 5am in the morning.
We were at 崩溃边缘...
See see, everyone is concentrating very very hard sewing the cloth.
Bie bie curi tulang-ing XD
Haha..nah...she was just waiting for us to pin the cloth or her to sew...
Even the guys were helping~~
At last, we finally 崩溃 dy~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poor michelle and bie bie were 'dresssed' by the 崩溃-ed us using the cloth..

In the end, just left the 6 of us plus daddy and mummy still sewing at 5am at pusanika~~ Others all left before midnite...sigh~However, it was still so much fun sewing into the wee hours~~ I've NEVER EVER sew so many cloth in one nite !!!!!

Thanks daddy for the midnite supper~

Thanks to everyone who stayed to help~

P&S rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Home sweet home~~~

I'm back to my sweet sweet home~~~
Finally I can have some peaceful, quiet, normal days.
At home to welcome me of course are my dearest mummy and daddy~~
Love you very very much !!
Muacks muacks muacks~~
Not leaving behind, my very-much-missed bedroom !!!!!!
and my air-cond as well XD
I miss my very very very comfortable bed~~~
The hostel bed is terrible, after i sleep on it for the nite, i wake up feeling tired tired and tired still, not recharged.
And of course, i can online online ONLINE until i'm sick of the now-seem-god-like streamyx !!!!
I miss the days where i chat until my dad came down to force me to go to bed.
I miss the days where i cook maggi in the middle of the nite and watch my favourite dramas while eating it.
I miss the days where i online until i have nothing to do and fell asleep in front of the monitor.

Last but not least, my hometown -- Kuantan, is always there waiting for me to go home. =)
I suddenly realised that i havent look at the sky for a long long time.
and i truly miss looking at the sky and just let my mind float freely.

Home is always the best place to be.

Sunday, September 21

I'm back !

Hola ~

I'm back


BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k la...

just wan to leave a few words here.

Going to have MASSIVE updates soon !!!

The reason for being so slow is coz all the photos are still pending !!!!!

havent receive them yet.


behold my next post !!!


Home sweet home~

Thursday, September 4

General Genetics Lab !!!!!!!

I know I'm lazy.
I delayed and delayed this post for long time dy.
Time to post it up.

As a science UNDERGRADUATE aka PRASISWAZAH (perasan XD),
we have lots of lab work to do.
One of the most interesting one is the General Genetics lab
(i hate the chemistry lab so much, i just cant stand the stupid ****ing annoying irritating idiot).

We were required to cross the wild type and mutant type of Drosophila (fruit flies).
Last week, we finally get to see our result, which are the baby fruit flies.
(Apparently, i'm the mother and my lab partner is the father and the fruit flies are our children.)


Our so-called-babies~~~
and our family portrait - mummy, daddy and babies~

with the 'neighbours' LOL...

Then, we had to separate the males and the females,
and cross this F1 generation.

Poor babies lying in the bottle motionless after dipengsankan by us.

That's my lab partner separating the baby fruit flies using a brush cause they are so fragile that even a soft sweep might kill them.

The baby girls~

The baby boys~~

This is how it look like under the microscope :

Finally, the fruit flies were separated and we chose 10 males and 10 females to let them produce the next generation, which is F2 generation.

After finishing the Drosophila experiment, we proceeded with the human genetics experiment.

It's just a simple experiment where we had to observe some characteristics on each of us, including our earlobes, eye colour, hair colour, thumb, little finger, taste, colour blindness etc.

Then, comes the final and the really challenging one.

Blood type test.


This time, we have to poke our finger to get our own blood by ownself, and perform the blood type test.
I always wanted to do this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poking with needle into my finger is no prob for me as I'm used to getting poked here and there for various reasons.
They provided us with the alcohol swab where we have to disinfect our finger before poking the needle.
The needle is sterile and sealed properly so we dont have to worry about bacterias or viruses.
Eventhough i already know what is my blood type but i was still very excited doing it. ^^
My lab partner helped me to poke my index finger and blood flowed out~
But my blood is not as dark red as the others and my blood seem much more 'diluted'.
I guess my haemoglobin count is lower than them.
I had to press and press and picit and picit my finger for the blood to flow out and drip it into the 'plate'.
But my blood is so 'diluted' that it flowed all over my finger and didnt drip onto the plate.


My fingers were the dirtiest T.T
After picit-ing my finger until it turned purple, finally i have enough blood to perform the blood test.
We drip the antiserum anti A and anti B to perform the blood test.
My blood type is B+.
So when my blood is mixed with the antiserum anti B, agglutination is supposed to occur.
I mixed my blood with the antiserum anti A, nothing happened, the mixture is still crystal clear.
Then i mixed my blood with antiserum anti B.

nothing happened T.T

*What the hell?????*

The previous blood test was an error?
Nah...I would have died if they mix up my blood type.
So i had to do another test for the antiserum anti B.
We waited for a moment.


I saw agglutination T.T

Stupid blood test.
Perhaps the antiserum they provided expired dy??

No idea.

Just relieved that i finally got it right.

The aftermath of the blood test...LOL

This is the mixture of my blood with the antiserum anti B.
Note the agglutination of the mixture.

This is another drop of my blood that we used to do the Rhesus test where we can test our blood is positive or negative.

Again, agglutination will occur when your blood is mixed with the dunno-what-name-solution-dy and heat it for a few mins, that's for Rhesus positive blood type.

Well, girls, whatever they do, they will never forget to take photos. LOL~

We kept ss-ing before the lab start and camwhored bunch of photos.

=====> pretending to be serious and professional (obviously we failed to do so)

======> The Internal Affairs 5 ????

=====> The BioInfo girls~

=====> Unfortunately, my head is half-blocked by one of the girls.


I had so much fun !!!!!