Thursday, October 2

Cameron Highland Trip 2008 Part 1

Cameron cameron cameron !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea...we went to Cameron Highland last weekend and had so much fun !!
Of course, we took HELL LOTS of photos.
So, this is going to be a long long post.
I better break it up into few posts or u guys will read til vomit blood and sambil ask me CDL. =D

Last thursday, those who were in Kuantan went to KL first by JJ's very spacious Innova.
(JJ, LH, me, CY, KH, winnie, CW and luggage)
After picking everyone up, we 浩浩荡荡 de bertolak liao~

That nite, cw and cy went for fren's birthday celebration.
Left the 5 of us at MU starving like mad.
We ordered Domino's pizza online and it took FOREVER to deliver to our doorstep !!
I swear if the delivery guy was 5 mins later, he would find 5 dead bodies with empty stomach in the house.
And i ate the BIGGEST pizza i've ever seen in my life. =D

big leh~~~~~~~~~~ XD

The next day we went out to lowyatt plaza and Sg Wang.
We had lunch at 港饮港吃 (which is just so-so).
They went to cheong k at Red Box and i went shopping at Sg Wang (didnt buy much though...hehe)
At nite we went to 电话饭店 (Restoran Talipon lol) for dinner.
It's kind of a steamboat except tat we dont steam it, we 'fry' it.

The 'aftermath' of the 'war' we had during dinner. XD

and of course our 全家福 ^^
(Lijuan and Wei Shin came to join us as well)
Note that there were 6 guys and 7 girls, see which side is LH sitting at ^^

After that we went to KH's house which has a great night view of KL city from his balcony

Wah.....nice it til no road XD
and of course nice view must match wif leng luis

leng leh~~~~XD

Not forgetting to mention that HC, CL, YY, KL and CC came to join us for the trip as well ^^
The next morning, after brushing and washing and packing (we didnt really sleep for the nite),
we prepared to start our journey.

That's the Menteri Kewangan arguing wif the Timbalan Menteri Kewangan. LOL~
(Cody playing with its penguin lover at the side there, ignoring all the financial arguments and complications...hehe)

and that's CY and CW preparing to bring Cody to fren's house. Cody first time be real dog. =D

and our luggage (plus shoes lol)...^^
and we're all set for the trip~

What about the others??

Paiseh la......didnt take photo b4 the long and winding journey up Cameron Highland...^^"

PS. Dun CDL me..=D

CDL 吧 !!









只能赠你们三个字 + 一个助词:

趁地淋吧 !



Wednesday, October 1

国大中秋园游会 Pesta Tanglung UKM Karnival Kebudayaan !!!!!!

Hmm....I'm too far behind with the posts, so i'm just gonna let the pictures tell the story ^^

- me, Michelle, pepsi, Syndy and Kheng Kheng~

- 翔哥, Steam Fish, Michelle, Pei Ling, Me

- Daddy, me, Steam Fish, Michelle, Pei Ling, Syndy
- Michelle, me, Pepsi ^^
- me and Davin, my ex-coursemate...hehe

- 3 of us again ^^

- me and my half-roommate, Michelle..LOL~

- my darling Syndy, Pei Ling, me
- me and the pretty Chang Er, but she changed back the costume b4 we could take photo =(
- that's the 印度西施...hehe

- the P & S family~~
- our booth~

- seriously, the 'thing' on my head is so heavy tat i have to support it from falling down. LOL~

- me and Chee Yow, one of the UKM Ochestra Traditional senior who performed that nite.

- me and my P & S daddy who was trying to be very very much taller than me lol...

- ah sui and me !!! Mr. 190...wuahahahahahha...i became so tiny when standing beside him ^^

- 格格装 !!! (Ignore the background pls, we didnt have a China-theme background.)

- me and P & S mummy, moon~

- me and trying-to-be-cool daddy because i wouldnt let him show the peace sign XD

- mother, daughter and father. LOL~

- ah sui, me and ...... forgot his name...paiseh XD

Pesta Tanglung UKM ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!