Friday, July 25

Wifi-less days SUCKS !!

Stupid wifi.

Stupid internet.

My last post is empty is because of the goddamn stupid wifi at pusanika.

I typed for so long (really LONG) and when i click submit, the page turn into "The page cannot be found"


And i was too lazy to retype.


Just a quick update.

I 'successfully' changed from Social Science and Humanities Faculty's (FSSK) ELS to Science and Technology Faculty's Biology.


Dont know.

Just scan through the moduls yesterday.

Not really what i want.

Mostly about PLANTS.


Finally met all my coursemates and seniors today.

Feel much better now.

Yesterday was a nightmare.

Being alone and doing things on my own is scary.

Especially when I don't know anything and don't know anyone and I'm so far behind from everyone else.

At least now i have people who can refer to and ask for help.

My roommate has gone back home and i have to sleep alone for this few days.


I wanna go home too.


Thursday, July 24

Bad Day

Saturday, July 12



a break from the hectic life in university.

I hadn't have time to take a deep breath and relax since the first day of orientation until now that i'm already start attending lectures.

How do i feel?

I dont really know.
Everyday is about waking up, chasing buses, finding the right lecture halls and classroom, packed like sardin in the buses, sick of the college's cafeteria (seriously, KKM's cafeteria food is really THAT BAD...we rather eat maggie or bread or biscuit or even starve than to dine at the cafe), walking here and there trying not to get lost inside the campus, etc etc...

One good thing is i got to know alot of new friends from all over malaysia.

Everyone is just like me, new to everything and still blurring.

I have too much to say that i dont even know where to start.

I'm tired now.
Guess i shud go to bed.

Good nite.
Will write more when i get my laptop and have internet access.