Tuesday, December 29

Updates !!! =P

Promised Miss Tehooo that I will update my mushroomed blog just before my birthday, but dragged until now.
*sorry tehooo~~~~~~~~~ >.<*

For those who don't know, I am currently in KL house-sitting at my Han Yee's house.
Hehe..will be here until January.
So, who wanna come date me out ?? =P

Just a quick update on my recent 'actitivies'.
Had a very nice Christmas dinner with my mum, Han Yee and Simon Yi Zhang, the kids (Charlotte, Chloe, Ah Weng and Ah Juin), the maid Nena, Auntie, Uncle Raymond, Charmain Jie Jie, Jia Wei and the maid at Victoria Station.
Imagine having the kids running around with BALLOONS.
*total nightmare XD*
But it was a very nice dinner, having family and friends around.
Merry Belated Christmas everyone~

My main course - Salmon and Chicken with fries and vege
Not bad actually. But a lil too big portion for me >.<
(And Han Yee was telling Charmain Jie Jie that I have a HUGE appetite =.=)

Photo of the night - Me and Ah Weng
He said that his face look so 'constipated'. LOL~
(The rest of the photos is in Charmain Jie Jie's camera)

Then they took off to Egypt. =(
Well I get to go to One U to do some shopping for the weekend.
Didn't really shop though.
Was not feeling well and had a slight fever. =(
But I bumped into my housemate and my coursemates there !!
Hehe...what a coincident~
Seemed like everyone was there during the weekend.

Now it's back to normal quiet lazy days in the house.
I have fun playing with the kids though.
But Ah Juin is a HUGE headache. =.=
Refuse to do his Kumon and practice his piano.
Sigh..I think my mum's gonna go crazy soon.
She is now holding the rotan and watching him doing his Kumon i think.
Or else he will just continue to play his DS for the whole day.

Oh ya and I woke up at 8 something just to teach him to practice piano before his lesson today.
Because he asked me to.
And guess what, the teacher didn't show up.
But he did practice properly this morning.
I'm still satisfied and happy ^.^

And I played hide and seek with the twins yday nite !!
Gosh I can't even remember when was the last time I played hide and seek.
Hahahaha..and it was SO DAMN FUNNY.
Coz I simply hid in the bathroom and that Charlotte walked right past me without seeing me !!!!
I almost burst out laughing XD XD XD
Then Ah Juin and Nena kept directing her to the wrong way.
Until she finally open the door again and saw me there.
*rolling on the floor laughing like mad*
And the second time I only hid behind the door in the study room.
She searched the whole house and for a really long time and still couldn't find me !!!!
Kept on shouting :

"Oh Li Xuan jie jie~ Where are you?~ Can you hear me?~"

Hahahaha..so cute~
In the end, she need Ah Juin and Nena to show her where I was hiding.
Hehe..LOVE the twins.
They are hyperactive and naughty but they can still be the sweetest cutest lil things on earth. ^.^
Seriously, I LOVE my small lil cousins.
And yes, both of you too Ah Weng and Ah Juin (when you two don't bully me).

Camwhoring with the twins =D =D =D
*Aren't they cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute???*

And my mum too~
*The Queen and the Princesses*

Oh ya I was VOIP-ing with my friend the other night using my Han Yee's mic.
OMG the mic is so super uber CUTE !!!!!
I just HAD to camwhore with it.

The mic is for computer and not the real mic that we use for karaoke.
CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lastly, a surprise gift from the nice friendly neighbour, for me =P

A Christmas card !!!
And a pink-and-white and super girlish and super princessy one and it is so ME.
He dropped it off in the mailbox yesterday evening.

Hmm...I think that's all for now.
This is a long post.
Haha..hope you guys won't get bored reading it.

Well, til then~

*Go to bed.*
*Take a nap n think about me.*

Thursday, December 24


Still waiting for my photos....


Wang Ching Ching you banyak slow lar~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*and you wont let me go?*

*nop. wont!!!!*





aww..how sweet is that...

Wednesday, December 16

Bad Day =(

Computer systems and applications SUCK BIG TIME.

Skipped meal until gastric.

Still have no appetite to eat at all.

Have the urge to vomit out everything i ate just now.

And i have to wait til saturday ny can move house.

=( =( =(

Big teddy, where are you??