Friday, September 25

= R.I.P. UMSD 1204 Metabolic Biochemistry =

Rest In Peace

(1st June 2009 - 25th September 2009)

UMSD 1204 Metabolic Biochemistry

nothing much to say about it except .....

"You will NOT be missed !!!! Not in a million billion trillion years !!!"

Went to eat dim sum to celebrate its death...

I was so hungry that i just ate without really tasting and enjoying the food..

The food wa
snt nice anyway~

*click on the pic to enlarge it for more details*


Only ONE more to go !!!!!

Am already half-packed and
totally prepared to take off right now !!!!!

In less than 24 hours, i will be on the train, on my way home~~~~

Home sweet home
i am coming back~~~~~~~~


*homesick badly =(*

And just some really random photos ...

This is me then ...

(dont ask me why i look so pale coz the photo's colour was not good =(
Had it printed 2nd time and it was much better)

*Paid bloody RM7 just to change the "FSSK" 4 alphabets to the "FST" 3 alphabets on the card*

And this is me now...

*It should be FS instead of FSET as they split up the faculty into 3 different ones.*
*Faculty of Science sounds so lame =(*

LOL spot any difference???? XD

*Mummy i want to go home~~~*

Happy Birthday to my dearest, bestest brother~~

Today is my brother's birthday !!!

Wish him happy birthday and happy everyday~~~

And of course earn more money and buy me a dslr (erm i dont mind a Panasonic Lumix LX3 oso) XD XD XD XD XD XD

*paiseh i just realized that i dont have a nice photo with him XD*

Happy Birthday~~~
Love you~~~

*Less than 48 hours and i shall be at home dy~~~~*

Tuesday, September 15

2nd Step of Un-shrooming my blog.

What's the 2nd step of un-shrooming this blog????

The Answer : Continue to post. =D

My poor blog has been abandoned for at least 9 months dy...
*poor blog~~* where to start?

Too much has happened since my last post.

Hahaha...I'm no longer studying in the lousy lan chou UKM anymore~


Now, it's ...

LOUSY SUPER LAN CHOU UTAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*evil laugh~*

Ngiak ngiak ngiak ngiak ngiak~

Anyway, currently i'm having the final exam for this semester.

So basically, i'm stuck here, in my room, in this lousy place called Kampar.

And my food supply has been vanishing in a lightning speed thanks to my too-efficient-digestive system.

And i'm transport-ly impaired so i cant go out and shop for food la.

Now is exam time, dun wan go mafan ppl purposely fetch me out to buy stuff.

So yday i asked my mum to post me some of the things and food that i need.





via courier.

You didnt hear me wrong.

Ever since i started to do some simple cooking here, my dad has been posting me with food via courier.

*But of course not the fresh meat or cooked food la...*

Geng leh~~~~ XD

So in the evening just now my mum called me intending to ask me something.

But we ended talking about my exam today and loads of other stuff XD

I kept complaining about Sociology and bla bla bla..

When i was done whining, i ask her :

- "What is it that you wanted to ask me?"

She went :

- "I wanted to ask you .... err .... eeerrrrrrr .........errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....."

Me :

- "What la?????"

Mum :

- "I cant remember what i wanted to ask dy la!~~"


I guess i talked too much until she forgot her question XD XD

So i told her to call me again when she rmb what she wanted to ask me la.

After that i just lied on the bed and dozed off .. LOL

Speaking of courier-ing food to me, once i was in Tesco with my coursemates shopping for food.

We were at the fruit section and talking about fruits.

I mentioned that i dunno how to choose nice nice ones.

Then my friend said :

- "Ask ur dad to courier fruits to u la~"

Me :

- "Siao meh~ fruits =.= my parents only courier dry packet food to me la~"

And the next day,

I got a parcel from home as my dad had to post me the bus ticket he put some food inside as well.

When i opened it, i got the shock of my life.

There were 5 ORANGES and 1 SMALL PAPAYA inside the box !!


My parents really courier-ed fruits to me T.T


Anyway, back to the phone call just now.

My mum called me again after about 40 mins.

I figured she finally rmb what she wanted to ask me.

She went :

- "Eh you wan eggs anot? Just now i bought the LTK eggs, if you want then I give you 5 can use it to boil soup and this and that ....... (i didnt hear what she said anymore)"

*Imagine my mum continue talking about what i can do with the eggs and me at this end with this expression O.O ... and multiply the shockness 100 times*

EGGS ??????

OMFG how on earth can she COURIER EGGS to me???????

EGGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TELUR !!!!!

鸡蛋 !!!!!

I was so stunned and shocked and started shouting :


And my mum said matter-of-factly :

- "I put the whole container in la..can one...u can cook the eggs mar..(rambling on with what i can do with the eggs again)"

- "HOW CAN????????"

- "Can de can de...ur dad got put the fragile sign outside the box one mar..."

Gosh i really almost fainted.

My mum is just so caring and loving and creative until she want to courier the eggs to me.

*pengsan kao kao*

When i regained my consciousness i quickly stopped her :

- "Aiya dun need la... i still got around 2 weeks left at here ny mar...dont have to give me eggs...i can go out and buy after the sembreak for next semester...later the eggs are broken inside the box den die lo...potato and carrot are enough for me dy la..."

She wanted to force me to take the eggs but i stood my ground T.T T.T T.T

Imagine if the eggs are all broken inside the box.

The egg white and the yolk will be all over the things inside.


After loads of persuasion i finally stopped her from sending me eggs T.T

But she went :

- "Eh you wan bread anot? I buy u the Breakthrough bread ..... (rattling on again)"

- "Dun need dun need~ later the bread all squashed inside the my biscuits enough dy"

I was practically T.T-ing ~~


I think sooner or later she's going to post herself to me.

Hehe..but i know she only want me to eat properly and healthily...

She's the BEST, YENG-EST, COOLEST mum in the whole wide world !!!!

*yeng leh~~~~~ XD*

Did I mentioned that she bought cabbage and will be posting it to me???

*love you mum~~~*

Monday, September 14

First step of un-shrooming my blog.


Having exam.

So ...

Will be posting tmr after my Intro to Sociology paper.


Wish me luck~