Wednesday, November 26


Tuesday, November 11

3 left !!!!!

Y E S !!!!!

Finally finished the torturing Hubungan Etnik today !!!!

And seriously,

the exam questions are like directly photostated from the past year paper !!!!!!!

I have no idea why we even bother reading that damn book T.T

I stayed up reading it until like 4am yday !!!
*stupid stupid stupid stupid !!!*

Next up is
English for Science and Technology










you DID NOT read it wrongly.

Yes, it is E S T.

And it's almost same like the EST from the ancient-old-spm-period of mine,

only tougher,

and without the essay part.


i cant think of anything to study on EST.

And someone IS STUDYING EST now.

(I spent the night watching drama =.=
Seriously, having my brain stuffed up with chem and HE for the past few days,
i need a
B - R - E - A - K.)


I know i'm lazy.
*no cure no cure !!*


She's potential 4.0 scorer with her hardworking-ness.

And i'm a potential failure.

So what??
S C R E W me then.

I know I'm lazy.
But seriously,
Might as well go and read and memorise the whole oxford dictionary.

Sunday, November 9

4 down and 4 to go !!

Chemistry's over~~~

and I celebrated it by taking a 2-hour-nap.
I was yawning all the time during the paper this morning.
Cant blame me for being "hardworking" and "studied" into the wee hours.

Next up :

Hubungan Etnik !!!
*lame lame lame lame lame lame laaaaaaaaaaaaaame subject!!*


*I'm half way through the 4-day-marathon and still alive!!*

Saturday, November 8

Hungry * Lapar * 饿

Here I'm sitting at,
in front of my laptop,
enjoying my boiling hot instant mushroom soup,


I have nothing to eat tonite.

Maggi is not an option for me as i already ate it last nite.
(unless you wan me to get kidney failure at this age)

anybody who know me well enough will definitely know that I have a very very *VERY* high metabolic rate,
which means that whatever that i consumed will be digested in no time.

In english, i get hungry very fast.


Honestly, i dont even know how i got through until now.
Coz if at home, i'll probably die of hunger in situation like this.

I still have to endure this for another week.
Gosh, i hope my weight wont go down any lower T.T
I'm so gonna eat til my stomach burst during the coming holiday !!

and seriously,
THIS looks like dinner in H E A V E N to me.

P.S. I'm a HUGE fan of Jap cuisine T.T

Hate hate hate hate chemistry !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


why did those famous respected long-dead people discover the 'wonder' of chemistry????

How can they even put so much effort in exploring and discovering so damn fuck many things about it?????

I just cant get those who enjoy and love chemistry so much.

It's a
total pain in the a**

Someone better kill me b4 i drown in sea of chemistry
and save me fom all this suffering

Friday, November 7

My very-pathetic-campus-exam-period-life T.T



My life now is all about notes, books, notes, books, notes, books (and it goes on forever) ...


I hadnt have a decent meal in days >.<

My lunch yday and today is only nestum + biscuits


And i'm predicting my dinner tonite to be maggi


This is how my table looks like these days :

and my KMJP - Kad Masuk dan Jadual Peperiksaan :





2 down and 6 to go

Choir tmr !!!


God bless me for my chemistry on Sunday T.T

Thursday, November 6

Say NO to Microcom !!! Cakap TAKNAK !!!

The picture says it all =D

*Stupid microcom!*
*Idiot microcom!*
*Damn microcom!*
*Screw microcom!*
*F*** microcom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Sunday, November 2

random ...

Random post with random pics.


I miss shopping like there's no tomorrow


How i wish exam will be over so very soon T.T




Just after choir performance at the Festival Seni.

I was the conductor !!!

Cool huh?

*not cool at all zzzzzz*

I miss the time where i get to dress up nice, go out and have fun with my friends.


Rainy day always makes me blue.

Staring at the rain drops,

wondering when the rain will stop,

and counting down the hours til i have to leave home again.



Too much of me in one post.

Dont puke

Til i get inspired again.

I dun wanna leave home.



Today is big boss's birthday,


wish him,

Happy Birthday~~~