Tuesday, September 23

Days before the Pesta Tanglung UKM Karnival Kebudayaan 国大中秋园游会前......

UKM's Pesta Tanglung is one of the most happening event of the year.
As a part of the UKM family, of course I signed up to join the activity.


Why the hell am I being so formal???
Like writing essay zzzzz...

K la k la..
Dun play play dy...

Fyi, PT UKM is listed as one of the most important event of the year by the IPT (according to my daddy, its truth-ness i dunno la....)
Anyway, I am now in the PnS - Pakaian dan Solekan group.

Before the 园游会, we have to prepare one set of clothes for the performers.
There were around 15 of them.
and you know what,

we have to SEW every single piece of the clothes.
Means we practically start from scratch to put the pieces together !!!

and we had to finish all 15 in one week's time !!!!!!!!

Omfg...and there werent alot of ppl to stay to help.
We sew and sew and sew until 5am in the morning.
We were at 崩溃边缘...
See see, everyone is concentrating very very hard sewing the cloth.
Bie bie curi tulang-ing XD
Haha..nah...she was just waiting for us to pin the cloth or her to sew...
Even the guys were helping~~
At last, we finally 崩溃 dy~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poor michelle and bie bie were 'dresssed' by the 崩溃-ed us using the cloth..

In the end, just left the 6 of us plus daddy and mummy still sewing at 5am at pusanika~~ Others all left before midnite...sigh~However, it was still so much fun sewing into the wee hours~~ I've NEVER EVER sew so many cloth in one nite !!!!!

Thanks daddy for the midnite supper~

Thanks to everyone who stayed to help~

P&S rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

gambateh!!dont give up!!let perform d best 4 PTUKM29!!!!
cause i also involve in PTUKM29...haha...an actor...gud luck

da Princess said...

lol...hopefully the costumes can be done in time...btw, thanks for stopping by ^^