Tuesday, September 23

Home sweet home~~~

I'm back to my sweet sweet home~~~
Finally I can have some peaceful, quiet, normal days.
At home to welcome me of course are my dearest mummy and daddy~~
Love you very very much !!
Muacks muacks muacks~~
Not leaving behind, my very-much-missed bedroom !!!!!!
and my air-cond as well XD
I miss my very very very comfortable bed~~~
The hostel bed is terrible, after i sleep on it for the nite, i wake up feeling tired tired and tired still, not recharged.
And of course, i can online online ONLINE until i'm sick of the now-seem-god-like streamyx !!!!
I miss the days where i chat until my dad came down to force me to go to bed.
I miss the days where i cook maggi in the middle of the nite and watch my favourite dramas while eating it.
I miss the days where i online until i have nothing to do and fell asleep in front of the monitor.

Last but not least, my hometown -- Kuantan, is always there waiting for me to go home. =)
I suddenly realised that i havent look at the sky for a long long time.
and i truly miss looking at the sky and just let my mind float freely.

Home is always the best place to be.

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