Saturday, October 3

Mooncake Festival ???

Gosh i am so freaking lazy to update now =.=

Update :

Currently at KL aunt suzanne's house babysitting her 4 kids...
*2 boys and a pair of twin girls...hyperactive and NEVER get tired*

erm well not really 'babysitting'..more like just playing and entertaining them...

They have their kakak for everything else...

Mummy and aunt flew to China today..

Oh ya and tomorrow's Mooncake Festival.

Without mummy.



Ah well i celebrated last year's mooncake festival by having fever and staying in my room in oh-so-long-ago kkm all day...

At least this year i will be really celebrating~

Lanterns and candles and mooncakes~

Here i come~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But i can hardly keep my eyes opened now.

House alarm + strong winds + trees + leaves = the freaking alarm triggered off i-forgot-how-many-times for the whole damn night

My eye lids are getting heavier by the seconds..

My cue to go to bed now..

Good night~~~

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