Saturday, November 8

Hungry * Lapar * 饿

Here I'm sitting at,
in front of my laptop,
enjoying my boiling hot instant mushroom soup,


I have nothing to eat tonite.

Maggi is not an option for me as i already ate it last nite.
(unless you wan me to get kidney failure at this age)

anybody who know me well enough will definitely know that I have a very very *VERY* high metabolic rate,
which means that whatever that i consumed will be digested in no time.

In english, i get hungry very fast.


Honestly, i dont even know how i got through until now.
Coz if at home, i'll probably die of hunger in situation like this.

I still have to endure this for another week.
Gosh, i hope my weight wont go down any lower T.T
I'm so gonna eat til my stomach burst during the coming holiday !!

and seriously,
THIS looks like dinner in H E A V E N to me.

P.S. I'm a HUGE fan of Jap cuisine T.T

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