Tuesday, November 11

3 left !!!!!

Y E S !!!!!

Finally finished the torturing Hubungan Etnik today !!!!

And seriously,

the exam questions are like directly photostated from the past year paper !!!!!!!

I have no idea why we even bother reading that damn book T.T

I stayed up reading it until like 4am yday !!!
*stupid stupid stupid stupid !!!*

Next up is
English for Science and Technology










you DID NOT read it wrongly.

Yes, it is E S T.

And it's almost same like the EST from the ancient-old-spm-period of mine,

only tougher,

and without the essay part.


i cant think of anything to study on EST.

And someone IS STUDYING EST now.

(I spent the night watching drama =.=
Seriously, having my brain stuffed up with chem and HE for the past few days,
i need a
B - R - E - A - K.)


I know i'm lazy.
*no cure no cure !!*


She's potential 4.0 scorer with her hardworking-ness.

And i'm a potential failure.

So what??
S C R E W me then.

I know I'm lazy.
But seriously,
Might as well go and read and memorise the whole oxford dictionary.

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