Sunday, November 9

4 down and 4 to go !!

Chemistry's over~~~

and I celebrated it by taking a 2-hour-nap.
I was yawning all the time during the paper this morning.
Cant blame me for being "hardworking" and "studied" into the wee hours.

Next up :

Hubungan Etnik !!!
*lame lame lame lame lame lame laaaaaaaaaaaaaame subject!!*


*I'm half way through the 4-day-marathon and still alive!!*


Anonymous said...

haha.. why dont go to cafe and tapau something to eat?.. now no longer puasa sure got something for you to eat...

if no energy, less glucose (the sole source of energy for brain to functioning well..) then sure sleepy and feel like blur for studying ...

all the best ya.. then can take a long break!! and plan for your coming birthday celebration !!

da Princess said...

LOL....kolej keris mas is notorious for its very very very bad cafe with very very very bad food de XD

Finally can rest now !!!
After tmr's est den i will have only 2 papers left~

*birthday birthday birthday!!!*
You got me excited dy...XD