Tuesday, March 25

a trip to KL ...

Dear readers,
I'm back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope everyone miss me while i was away for the last few days ^.^
I went to KL from Friday til Monday with my mum, Yen Yee, Hui Yong and Chooi Lin.
We went there for the UTAR's open day but we didnt really gain much information (the consultants are not pro at all!!!!! They cant answer much of our questions!!!!)
Let me start from the beginning ...
Day 1
We took the 2pm bus from Kuantan to KL.
Nothing happened en route except that we bought 'rubbish-food' (junk food) and started making noise during the latter part of the journey. =X
(and singing the Super Ring's theme song : Super Ring lazat Super Ring ria, Super Ring Super jom bergembira ........... =.= )
When we arrived, my mum wanted us to take the ma-fan-est way to go to my aunt's house
(oh, i forgot to mention that we were staying at my Han Yee's house in PJ).
It was the hectic hours of the day and we would stuck in traffic jam for god-knows-how-long.
So, we took the monorail and the lrt.
Here's where the 'events' started.
First, we went to the wrong place to find the monorail LOL.
(We shud take the stairs beside the main road, instead we took the one inside the bus terminal and went to the star line station - according to my fren)
We were standing around and i called my brother to ask.
and my mum said something which shocked my friend
"Let's ask that LENG ZAI standing there"
My friend turned around immediately and looked for the LENG ZAI.
and the LENG ZAI turned out to be a guy who's FAR from even being GOOD-LOOKING.
Disappointment filled my friend XD
and she asked my mum dont simply simply call ppl LENG ZAI lol.
Finally, we reached the right place and took the monorail to KL Central.
(Note : I was very tired cause I had to carry a 2-person lugguage.)
At KL Central, we bought the tickets of the putra lrt line to kelana jaya station.
It was a very very very busy place.
Everyone just pushed and pushed to get on to the lrt.
So, all 5 of us stood behind the yellow line and waited for the lrt to come.
As usual, the lrt came and everyone rushed to get on board.
Myself was also trying to push through the crowds and get inside.
Suddenly, the 'alarm' rang and the doors started to close.
The person in front of me was nearly crushed by the doors and I missed the lrt.
I turned around to look at my friend and said
"My mum boarded the lrt."
I was very worried coz she isnt familiar with lrt stations and she will be blur sometimes.
I kept calling her but she didnt answer.
So i sent her an sms and tell her to wait for us at the kelana jaya station.
The funny thing is,
when the rest of us reached, my mum asked :
"You all didnt board the same lrt with me???"
I almost fainted.
She thought we boarded on the other end or wat and yet she knew that the doors closed right after she stepped into the lrt.
My dearest loveliest mummy, please dont be so blur anymore =.=
Nothing much happened during the night.
We arrived at Han Yee's house and had dinner, took bath and just lame around for the rest of the night.
(Oh ya, before we slept, we discussed about BUTT for almost half an hour on bed which woke my mum up XD)
Day 2
We woke up early cause we were going to UTAR in Setapak
(Everyone was very reluctant to wake up coz all of us chit chat until 3 something in the morning)
I'm just gonna skip the whole UTAR section coz nothing interesting happened.
After we visited the UTAR campus, we went to One Utama and wait for our friends there.
The 4 of us went to eat shushi first coz we were really hungry.
We ate like 4 hungry ghost and totally spoiled our image XD
After that we just lepak around and Lee Hong came to join us.
We decided to go to the new wing as the others are waiting for us there.
Then, we passed by the Toy 'R' Us shop.
All of us were so EXCITED and went into the shop and start playing.
Hui Yong and Chooi Lin were playing a video game for us and i played the kiddo laptop.
Yen Yee saw a spongebob soft toy and started singing the spongebob theme song LOUDLY ... (she LOVES spongebob T.T)
This proves that eventhough we have grown up, we are still kids at heart.

HAMTARO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


or purple????????

We had dinner at the Wong Kok restaurant and discussed about double or multiple personalities.
Apparently, Hui Yong and Lee Hong each have 4 different personalities living in one body =.=
And Chooi Lin is going to study psycology to cure them in the future.
(Please check who is the psycologist before anyone consult them, if it's Dr. Lee PLEASE do not go =.= it's for your own good.)

that night at home, i discovered that i have a patch of blue black just above my knee !!!!!!!
OMG, it's really ugly ><

I have no idea how i got it =.=

Day 3

We woke up really LATE that day
(Paiseh ><...they all went to have breakfast and the 4 of us still sleeping like pigs T.T)
We just lazy around from morning until afternoon.
(That 3 pigs went to sleep again at around 1 something =.=)
Then around 3.30pm we took a cab to Sunway Piramid to meet up wif Yie Lyn and Meng Hui.
We went to eat something first at the Pancake International something shop =.=
(J.Co was toooooo crowded)
Then Yie Lyn and Meng Hui joined us.
They took us to this shop where u can try all sorts of sweets and jeruk.
And all of them went crazy inside.
Miss Chan Hui Yong even LOOK PAST the 'NO TASTE-TEST' sign and stole a piece to try zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Then we went to a small shop which sells lots of bags.
Okay, i'm not trying to be perasan or what, but this really happened.
Yen Yee and I were choosing bag outside the shop and suddenly two tall leng luis said :
"Excuse me~"
I thought they asked us to give way as the aisle was really sempit.
one of them said :
"I see that both of you are quite tall, are you interested to join our modelling agency???"
I was like : wOOT???
Yea i have the height,
but not the look and the body =.=
Then they started talking about their modeling agency bla bla bla...
Meng Hui and Yie Lyn quickly ran away.
and even Yen Yee ditched me,
leaving me alone talking to them =.=
and what was even more LEI POU is,
they said that i look like K O R E A N
*freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing cold*
i know that i dont look like korean AT ALL T.T
then they gave me this flyer and their name card
and asked me to contact them in case if i'm interested.
(P.S. : I'm really not trying to show off here, just telling what i experienced. I know I will never fit to be a model and i've nvr even think of joining the modelling world and nobody would ever ask me to be a model.)
Then, we went window shopping.
What does window shopping means??
It means that u only get to try and touch and see,
but not BUY.
and you also get to take picture of u in the clothes inside the fitting room.
Later that night, we tapao KFC to go home to eat.
I notice that there were 4 hp on the table.
One is mine, one is Chooi Lin's, one is Yen Yee's and one is Hui Yong's.
So I hand gatal go put them nicely in a shape.
Then, after we finished eating, we sat at the dining room and continued talking
(Girls, biasa-lah~)
Then, I looked at Hui Yong, she was holding her hp and replying msg.
I looked at the 3 hps beside my hand.
I looked at Chooi Lin's hp beside her hand,
looked again at the 3 hps beside my hand,
one is mine,
one is Yen Yee's,
and one is the unknown hp.
i stopped and asked.
"Whose hp is this????"
"What hp??"
It is the same model same colour as Hui Yong's.
As i remember, my uncle Simon use a Blackberry and my Han Yee use a nokia something with a black plastic cover, and the kids are too young to have their own hp..
So, whose hp is that??????
They were shocked and started to think about those THINGS.
It's really scary to find that there is an extra phone on the table in the middle of the night.
I picked up the phone and unlocked the kaypad.
Then i saw the photo of Charlotte and Chloe as the wallpaper.
We were so relieved =.=
The phone must belong to someone in my aunt's family (Charlotte and Chloe are my cousin twins sis).
Chooi Lin and Hui Yong were almost scared to death XD
then they kept scaring each other for the rest of the night.
Day 4
Hmm...nothing to talk about...coz we woke up late and didnt go anywhere.
We packed our stuff and went home in the afternoon.
Last but not least,
my cousins~~~~~
This is Charlotte..
and this is Chloe..
and yes, they are twins, so u dont have to try to differentiate them as they look exactly the same.
(except for their voice, Charlotte's voice is lower and Chloe's voice is slightly higher pitch)
they are just soooo CUTE !!!!!!
and this is charlotte sitting on the tam-tung o c-ing and sambil promoting the shell ferrari toy cars =.=
and not forgetting my little cousin bro -ah jun~~~
he is super cute with that big big eyes...
but he doesnt smile while taking photos...
oh, i almost forgot one incident.
Yen Yee was taking bath in the bathroom.
Then suddenly ah jun ran inside our room and go straight to the bathroom's door.
I told him not to open coz there are ppl inside taking bath.
I expected the door to be locked anyway.
Dim ji, he really tried to open the door.
and he did open the door =.=
Yen Yee was putting on her clothes.
He looked at her, and she looked at him.
Then he shut the door and walked away laughing like mad.
Me and Chooi Lin who saw the whole incident and realised what happened started laughing like mad too. XD
Well, ah jun didnt see Yen Yee naked anyway as she already put on her skirt and was putting on her shirt.
Well, kids.
You cant blame them for anything
and this is the hamster - ratatouille~
(charlotte and chloe named it after watching the cartoon)
i dont have the photos of Fred and DoDo as i dont have the guts to go near them =.=
(the family dogs, a rockweiler and a doberman)
and when you try to take photo wif kids,
they NEVER look at the camera...
it's so very frustrating =.=
and this is what usually happens when u try to take photos of them...
it was a nice trip.
We didnt do anything really crazy or interesting.
But we had fun.
(P.S. : Sorry to disappoint everyone if you're waiting for something really funny, it's just a blog on what i did during the trip. Hope everyone still enjoys it. ^^)
-The End-

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