Thursday, March 13

the latest birthday present of my 19th birthday...

I have never receive a birthday present so late...

and the poor little bear was stuck in the cupboard of the pos laju company for 2 weeks...

due to the poor service of their staff who did not put the notice in the mail box...

here it is~

the cute little bear~

look at it~

it is just soooooo very cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~

it is sitting on my little pink hippo~

the big bear and the small bear~~~

both are presents from my friends =)

Kitty : Why must you sit in between us??

Daniel : Please dont be a light you can see, we are trying to get married here...

Little Bear : Fine then. If I cant sit between you two, then I'm gonna sit on top of both of you !!

Little Bear : *evil laugh*

Kitty & Daniel : .......... *speechless*



The happy family of soft toys~~~~

P.S. : The little bear is actually a birthday present from one of my ex-collegue at pizza hut. He is one of my very few malay friends. Even though he's not in Kuantan now, he still remembered my birthday and went through all the fuzz of choosing a present and went to the pos laju to post me this cute little present (late is better than never~). Remember, true friendship doesnt fade away with time and distance. =)

Thank you, Ashraf~

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