Tuesday, March 18

R.I.P Little Baby Bird....

I just buried a small tiny little baby bird today...
it fell from the nest on top of my house roof top...=(
the nest had been there for very very long time, but no birds ever fell down from it...
and today,
3 small tiny little baby birds fell down >.<
i cant imagine falling down from such high place and hit the wall b4 they fell down onto the ground...
it's already very very very very very scary just to think about it...
luckily 2 other birds survive...
one of them fell to my neighbour's house..
i had to climb over to my neighbour's house to bring it back (the house is vacant =.=)..
their mother is no where to be seen..
my dad said maybe they were hungry dy that's y they crawl out to find some food out of survival instinct and fell from the nest..
so, we buried the poor baby bird with a pink flower under a tree at the field in front of my house...
Rest in peace
- You will be remembered -
Okay, enough with the sad stuff.
At least, we rescued 2 baby birds~
(Oh, i forgot to mention that YenYee, ChooiLin and HuiYong were at my house as well)
My mum found a small box, and we put some cloth inside..
then we put the poor baby birds in there and cover them with cloth...
they were just lying there and sleeping~
so cute ^^

it feels great to help these birds and see them sleeping there peacefully..

a closer look~~

they are just sooooo cute and adorable !!!!
we left them sleeping and started chit-chatting...
a while later, i went to check on them again...
and one of the bird move to sleep closer to the other bird !!!!
O M G ~~
they were just soooo very extremely cute !!!
we were thinking :
Will they be hungry????????
So, i went to find some food for them, which is porridge and rice..
we started the feeding session...
play the video below and u'll know what happened !! XD


it was fun, but at the same time frustrating...

coz they wouldnt open their mouth and eat !!!!


then my dad came home and he fed them with water...


i was so scared that it would choke to death T.T

coz they look so fragile and weak..

after that, my dad put them back up to the nest again...

they need their mother to feed them..

So, say bye bye to the cute baby birds~

Still, i'm afraid they might fall down again..

So, i put a box filled wif cloth on the wall in case if they drop, they wont land so hardly..

and i always go and check the box (and knocked my head on the wall =( pain pain !!!)

If their mother still dont come to feed them, i'm going to force my dad to bring them down and feed them =(

I dont want to see them die T.T

must pray hard tonite that they can survive >.<



LynnToh said...

wow.. ur vid sounds crazy having fun.. haha..

da Princess said...

ehehehehehe..memang XD noisy !!!!!!!

Xinfang said...

lol.. kind hearted girl.. good as the birds are safe till now?..

da Princess said...

eee...i heard the little birds chirping just now....but i still dont know whether their mother came back anot...=(