Thursday, March 20

My pet~~~~~~~

My dad decided to keep the bird as a pet...
But it can come and go as it wishes~
We will still put it back to its nest at nite..

Today morning,
i woke up earlier than usual cause my frens were coming over..
While i was lying on the couch (still yawning every 5 seconds), my dad and I heard the bird chirping noisily on the roof..
We went out and see where's the baby bird..
It somehow had jumped out of its nest and was walking along the edge of the roof =.=
Afraid that it will fall down again, my dad climbed up the wall and put the bird back to its nest.
and he discovered that the other baby bird is missing..
So, i guess that baby bird died, it was seriously injured when it fell down yday, wouldnt even move, just laid there and slept.

Sad =(

Then, the baby bird which is still alive wouldnt stop making noise =.=
So, my dad climbed up again and bring it down, put it onto the nice bed we'd prepared yday.
My mum cut out little bit of raw meat to let my dad feed it.

Ok, these are the 2 pictures i tried to capture b4 my dad fed it.
But its mouth was wide open and kept moving around =.=

and this is the video clip of my dad feeding it !!!
You guys just HAVE to check it out !!!!!!!!!!
C U T E !!!!!!!!!

I've nvr own a pet b4, forgive me for being overexcited XD
then my dad put it back to its nest again.
But i always go check it regularly.
Coz i really really really dont want it to fall again.

Later that afternoon, the baby bird had crawled out of its nest again !!!!'s just so hyperactive..!!
My dad AGAIN bring it down and fed it...
(I think the bird will grow to become a very fat one XD)
and now, it is lying on the 'bed' and sleeeeeeping peacefully~


I had decided to name it 'Little yy' (my friend wants me to name it that =.=)

and from now on, Little yy is part of my family~



Xinfang said...

Haha.. little yy?... so funny..
well hopefully this new pet brings new life to you as now you need to take care of a bird... add oil ya

da Princess said... fren FORCED me to name it 'yy' coz it's her initials XD
it's not exactly my pet la...just my dad sometimes will bring it down and feed it lo....

Anonymous said...

Take good care of the bird ya, next time go back I wanna see it. Finally, the first pet for our family...

da Princess said...

LOL....daddy took the bird down to feed it, but it dun wan choi daddy dy XD

LynnToh said...

can train it to send letters? o.O

da Princess said...

it's not a pigeon =.=