Monday, August 25

Field work !!


We had a field method 'outing' last friday !!!

Well, not really an 'outing'.

We just went to the so-called-hutan in UKM, (Note : i used 'to', not 'into'), we basically just went to the outskirt of the hutan to see some of the net set up to catch bats and birds.

Our very nice lecturer and his assistants led us to the nets already set up there.

(P.S. Syndy, Jayne and I were busy applying sunscreen eventhough the sunshine cant really shine through our thick forest, LOL)

Back to the main topic, field method.

The net really work !!

We saw one fruit bat trapped in the net, struggling to get out~

And the assistant (who has a certificate and lisence in doing this, according to our lecturer) started freeing the bat and also not forgetting to show us how to do it.

(i'm just gonna skip that part coz i dont want to bore my readers away...hehe...anyway i recorded the process down...enjoy~ u can hear the bat whimping, crying, screaming "help!! help!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" on top of its lung..XD )

And this is the fruit bat !!!!

cute rite??

and fruit bat DO have eyes and they can SEE, they are not blind.

*i wonder do batman cry like how fruit bats cry?*

Then we noticed that a dove (pigeon) was also trapped in the net !!!!

(Are they blind or wat =.=)

*I couldnt get kim kooi out of the frame !!!!!! tsk tsk~*

Then we moved on to another net which catches insect bats that senses objects by using radiation (or something like that =.=).

The very YENG assistant holding the bat, LOL!

He was trying to show us its teeth, which are bright and white, coz bats use colgate mar~

(eh, sensodyne better la !!!)

the wings...

I know Batman : The Dark Knight that movie very nice la..
But this is a BAT, REAL BAT, not BATMAN.
There were so many fingers in the photo that i nearly miss the bat.
Why everyone just cant stop touching it???????

Poor thing...*sigh*

Then the prof showed us the ways to tag the bats, birds and the rats.

It seemed really painful~~
Look at the poor mice...
With the ugly 'earring' pierced.


On our way back out, we saw ants moving home.
Tu semua budak bandar tak pernah tengok semut b4, all seem very excited and kept looking and tracing the ants.

*sweat =.=*

Not forgetting, taking photo is a must !!!!!!!! ^^

*Jayne, me aka Sasa, Syndy*

P.S. I thought it would be a hot and tiring day, but i didnt even sweat during the field work =.=

til then...

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