Friday, July 25

Wifi-less days SUCKS !!

Stupid wifi.

Stupid internet.

My last post is empty is because of the goddamn stupid wifi at pusanika.

I typed for so long (really LONG) and when i click submit, the page turn into "The page cannot be found"


And i was too lazy to retype.


Just a quick update.

I 'successfully' changed from Social Science and Humanities Faculty's (FSSK) ELS to Science and Technology Faculty's Biology.


Dont know.

Just scan through the moduls yesterday.

Not really what i want.

Mostly about PLANTS.


Finally met all my coursemates and seniors today.

Feel much better now.

Yesterday was a nightmare.

Being alone and doing things on my own is scary.

Especially when I don't know anything and don't know anyone and I'm so far behind from everyone else.

At least now i have people who can refer to and ask for help.

My roommate has gone back home and i have to sleep alone for this few days.


I wanna go home too.


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