Sunday, June 22

University !!!!!


After days of mind torturing and struggling and thinking and considering and asking and etc etc,
I have decided to register myself at UKM first !!
(alaarrrr....UKM is Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia la.....dun tell me u dunno)

I'm not that lucky la to get my first few choices....
Gov dun wan give me oso i can do nothing...
(Maybe my boleh-ness is not enuff for them in the takboleh-university and takboleh-courses in this takboleh-land)
So let the kononnya-boleh-ppl happy lo...
(eh tzelih, ur 'boleh' thing vr useful...borrow me awhile la har XD)

Btw, to those who don't know,
UKM offered me Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies).
Eh, i know it doesn't sound pro lahh.....
But at least it's my bloody 5th choice k??
and something i have interest in..
(better than they throw me to perikanan or pertanian or go kaji kayu)
But seriously, i have no intention of becoming a teacher at all.
I wanna try to change course and see how things work out.
(wat course? Genetics la..what else? Biomedic too popular...dun wan waste my chance)
I can always go back to my alternative path.

So, now i have only 1 week left to prepare.
My daddy ask me to write down a list,
i dun even know where to start
All i know is i need to make 2 sets of BLUE baju kurung.
I bet the whole dewan will be a sea of blueness.

And ppl told me that my college is the FURTHEST college in the university.

F U C K !!!!

wtf...have to travel by BUS and HIMPIT with ppl and PACKED like sardins
It sounds terrible to me already.
Why la god treat me like this T.T
I dont want to walk till die inside the university T.T
you kill me bah T.T

Sigh....luckily one of my friend is staying at the same college with me for one week ONLY.
Better than nothing anyway.

I should go start on my LIST of stuff to prepare.
and LIST of questions about UKM.

Bye bye~

i hate waking up early !!!

PS. Anyone studying in UKM??? Come help help me....coz i know nothing about UKM..thank you~

PPS. and I'm so excited cause i finally can officially change my status to 'undergraduate' soon !!! XD

PPPS. Am I the ONLY one who received the offer letter and stuff from University today (Saturday)???? Seems like none others receive it yet.

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