Saturday, June 14

Sg. Lembing..


I admit I'm obsessed with Adobe Photoshop.
It's like a magic wand.
U can turn even turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful, gorgeous swan.

I've just started really laying my hands on Photoshop recently
(uhm....ya...real LOL)

And this is my first official work of 'art'.
It's a view from a window at the Sg. Lembing museum.

I know i know...
it's amateur-ish, noob-ish bla bla bla...
But hey,
i just started okay?
and i did this at 3am =.=
I've added rainbow (it's kinda faded, cause the sky is too bright),
and some touch here and there...

I'm pretty satisfied with my work~
(LOL..perasan-nyer~ XD)

time to sleep.
Buh bye~

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