Wednesday, October 1

国大中秋园游会 Pesta Tanglung UKM Karnival Kebudayaan !!!!!!

Hmm....I'm too far behind with the posts, so i'm just gonna let the pictures tell the story ^^

- me, Michelle, pepsi, Syndy and Kheng Kheng~

- 翔哥, Steam Fish, Michelle, Pei Ling, Me

- Daddy, me, Steam Fish, Michelle, Pei Ling, Syndy
- Michelle, me, Pepsi ^^
- me and Davin, my ex-coursemate...hehe

- 3 of us again ^^

- me and my half-roommate, Michelle..LOL~

- my darling Syndy, Pei Ling, me
- me and the pretty Chang Er, but she changed back the costume b4 we could take photo =(
- that's the 印度西施...hehe

- the P & S family~~
- our booth~

- seriously, the 'thing' on my head is so heavy tat i have to support it from falling down. LOL~

- me and Chee Yow, one of the UKM Ochestra Traditional senior who performed that nite.

- me and my P & S daddy who was trying to be very very much taller than me lol...

- ah sui and me !!! Mr. 190...wuahahahahahha...i became so tiny when standing beside him ^^

- 格格装 !!! (Ignore the background pls, we didnt have a China-theme background.)

- me and P & S mummy, moon~

- me and trying-to-be-cool daddy because i wouldnt let him show the peace sign XD

- mother, daughter and father. LOL~

- ah sui, me and ...... forgot his name...paiseh XD

Pesta Tanglung UKM ROCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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