Monday, April 14

Random Cold Situation

One night, we went for a drink at Relax Cafe.

People present : me, YY, CC and LH.

We ordered our drinks and food and chatted through.

Then, our drinks came.

LH ordered a chocolate ice blended (i think).

CC wanted to try it.

So, LH passed the drink to CC for her to try.

LH was looking at her.

(P.S. : The conversation was carried out in mandarin, I'm not a professional translator. So, if there is any mistakes, please dont mind about it.)

CC : You very mind my saliva izzit??

LH : Nope, not at all.

So, CC went ahead and tried the drink.

Then, she passed back the cup back to LH.


CC : Dont worry. I used my lips to suck the straw. And my lips are dry one. So there wont be any saliva on the straw.
(And she said that excitedly looking at LH with her big eyes)









(This took place quite awhile ago, so some of you might have already knew about it.)

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